Power supply

IMG_4342 (COMP).jpg
the side of the box give you a description of all the provided cables
IMG_4339 (COMP).jpg
the top of the power supply with the power information
unpacked and layed out for the photo
IMG_4330 (COMP).jpg
the bottom of the power supply with the zero rpm fan
IMG_4338 (COMP).jpg
the back of the power supply for the modular cables and corsair link cable to connect to I am fitting it fan down
IMG_4340 (COMP).jpg
IMG_4334 (COMP).jpg
some power extension and fan power comectors
IMG_4331 (COMP).jpg
4 x 6/8 pin pci express cables with dual header on one end Don't know if I can only use 1 cable using the 2 headers or 2 separate cables but with spars to play with 1 each for the 6 pin and 8 pin power required by the graphics card
IMG_4335 (COMP).jpg
3 sata cables with 4 connectors each total of 12 sata devices
IMG_4336 (COMP).jpg
3 molex cables with 4 connections on each total of 12 connections will be used to power fans and lights
IMG_4333 (COMP).jpg
anti static bag with corsair link cable connects to usb cable ties
IMG_4337 (COMP).jpg
1 x 24 pin motherboard cable
IMG_4332 (COMP).jpg
2x 12 volt cpu cable