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  1. My son is doing a school project about his heritage, so it was nice to find information that was not trying to charge for it. Thanks for sharing your info!

  2. I just started my search of where the Gillies name came from and was wondering how many Gillies’s there is in Scotland these days.
    If you have info on this, it would great to know.
    I have lived in Alaska for the past 30 years and the pictures of Scotland show a very old land. Alaska does not look as old.

  3. My daughter found your web site and forwarded it to me. I do some minimal genealogy research but have not yet made a connection that might trace back to Scotland. My daughter was trying to tell me that based on her reading on your story that perhaps I was really Norwegian.
    I have traced back to two of my great great grandfathers who served in the Union Army during the America Civil war.. One was Thomas C. gillis. I firmly believe he was probably of Scotish decent.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your treatise on the Gillis clan (family).

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for your website. I am Canadian and my Gillies heritage is from Easdale. Patrick Gillies is my great uncle, my father is a pharmacist that has served many years in the hospital system caring for the dying and very I’ll. His cousins are all physicians, and he has no brothers. They are based in Vancouver, Briish Columbia, our great grandfather, Thomas, was Patrick’s youngest brother. I am a nurse in training, I guess it’s in my blood. There are many magical stories about our family’s history. Thank you for yours ✨⭐️

    • Hi Heather My Grand mother had a couple of brothers/sisters who emigrated to Canada before she was born but she came from a family of 10

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