I am proud to have joined the Masonic Fraternity in 1992 Joining Lodge Milncroft. In 1996 I joined the Royal Arch and was in the chair of the chapter in 2001 -2003, I have been a member of Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Glasgow since 1999, I joined the Cryptic Council and Lodge & council and have achieved the chair in both of these.

I am an active Royal Arch Mason attending a good Number of meetings each month and take part as a member of the degree team, I also attend cryptic Council meetings, and Lodge & Council meetings and I am part of the degree team in the lodge & council.

I am not a regular attendee of my own lodge but do attend my affiliate Lodge where I hold office

A record of all my visits can be found here. These visits are of my own choice and as the First Principal of St. Vincent Plantation R.A.C No259 or as a Provincial office bearer



    Milncroft No 1515

  • highest office I held was senior deacon

    St. John Whiteinch No 683

  • Affiliated on 8th April 2016
  • On the 14th December 2018 i was installed as inner Guard
  • On the 10th December 2021 i was installed as Junior Warden
  • On the 9th December 2022 i was installed as Senior Warden
  • On the 8th December 2024 i was installed as Right Worshipful Master

Royal Arch

Stjohneg21 x71x71bw

    St. John R.A.C No. 257

  • Past Principal & past Installed Master of the Mark (2001-2003)
  • I have been the Scribe in the chapter since 2003
st vincent259

    St. Vincent Plantation R.A.C. No.259

  • On 27th October 2015 I was installed again as the First Principal for the third succesive year

Edinburgh Defencive Band No 278 Supreme 's Chapter

  • On 30th April 2016 I became an Affiliated Member
  • On 21th September2018 I recieved the Past Master, (or Master Passed the Chair), degree.
  • HCF305

    Craig Miller No. 468

  • On 13th April 2017 I became a Reponing Member
  • On 24th August 2019 I was installed as 2nd Principal
  • On 24th August 2024 I was installed as 1st Principal
  • Dennistoun Harmony of Unity No 266

  • On 9th November 2022 I became an affiliate member of the Chapter
  • Cryptic Council


      Govan No. 117

    • Past Thrice illustrious master (2006)
    • Past Treasurer
    Glasgow CC

      Glasgow No.50

    • At present I don't hold a Office
    Dennistoun CC

      Dennistoun No 266

    • Just affiliated Feb 2017
    Dennistoun CC

    Operative Criptic Council No 41

    Consecrated 4th March 2017

    • Founder Member
    • Received Silver Trowel Degree

    Lodge & Council


      Plantation No. 259

    • Past Worshipful Commander Noah & Most Excellent Chief ( 2007)
    • Past Treasurer


      Cathedral No 67

    • I held the office of Treasurer in the Lodge & Council till we amalgamated with Partick L & C No.113


      Dennistoun No266

    • Affiliated 2018
    • held the office of Worshipful Commander Noah and Most Excellent Chief 2023- 24 and 2024-2025


      Partick No.113

    • Cathedral Lodge & Council No 67 Amalgamated with partick on 27th February 2019
    • no office at present
    • I hold the office of Chamberlain in Provincial
    • I was also the creator and Webmaster for the Provincial website from 2010 to 2017



    St. Mungo Glasgow

  • Joined in 2006 but was unable to attend have just started to attend this year 2014
  • In 2015 i will be Taking my first office
  • Honourary Membership


    Honor Concord & Fidelity 2nd Batalion Royal Scots No 305

  • I was Honoured to have been made an Honoury Member in 1998
  • HCF305

    Dennistoun Harmony of Unity No.266

  • I was Honoured to have been made an Honoury Member on 10th May 2017
  • HCF305

    Maryhill R.A.C. No. 296

  • On 18th December 2018 I was made an Honorary Member