Finding it difficult to get the tables formatted on a page with css  the way I want them I searched the internet and found this div tables generator this uses a xlsx spreadsheet  which consist of 4 sheets (tabs) Guide, Table , Css and Content

table input

The table consists of rows, and columns and you can set the number of rows and columns , you can set the table contents  to use placeholders or use the contents you input on the worksheet this produces html code to be copied and inserted into a page

table css

The CSS tab has lots of configurable features  from width, height , colour, border you can set header, footer,odd and even rows different,  all the settings produce Css  for the table which is copied to your Style.css

The Content tab give a excel sheet with rows numbered and columns numbered this corresponds with the settings in the tables Tab

tablesThis is a table with odd and even rows set to different colours

I make use of this program and it does save me time  when there is a lot of data to be input and I want it to look a certain way.

You can Download div-table-generator  the only thing I know about the author is his name is Nikki