Having to explain to a number of people and set up multiple email account for them I decided to do a tutorial on how to setup Outlook for multiple Email accounts and personal folders so the emails are separated First start Outlook


you can see I have multiple personal folders


To create an account and assign it to its own folder we first need to setup our email account to do this we click tools/ account settings

Under Email click New then select the default option click next fill in your details


make sure you tick the box at bottom (manually configure server)


then click more settings



you may have to configure the outgoing server as in the above example click ok

test account settings if both send and receive work
Click finish that is the email account setup
You may need to refer to your email providers website to get the outlook settings for their account as they may differ from above

Pst File

T he next part is to set up a new personal folder (.pst file) under tools / account settings / data files


Click Add


select the first office Outlook Personal folder file (.pst) click OK


in the File name box type a name you will recognise for the email account


in the next screen type a name I used "test" for this example you can set passwords if you wish


notice in the list of Data Files there is now one called test and its location


back to email settings

notice the first account (default) and the bit at the bottom change folder click this and you will get a new screen


notice the Ok buttom is greyed out double click "test"


highlight the inbox and you can now click OK


Notice the folder has changed to Test / inbox


when you go back to outlook you will see the new "test" folder in the mail folders

Clicking the test folder opens it and give the inbox and other folders

You can set up a .pst file for each email address you have and it will automatically separate your emails into the proper inboxes associated with that email account

More folders

you Can add additional folders to the pst folder to do this highlight the Folder "test" right click and from the menu click new folder and a new screen will appear


click the test folder and it will expand and in the name at the top type the name of the folder I picked saved I could have a saved folder in each pst account so make sure you select the account you want the folder in click OK

you can create folders inside the inbox as well and filter the emails into the different folders by using Rules To create a Rule highlight am email and right click on the popup menu click create rule a new screen will appear


click the box from and then click select folder


you can create a folder here by clicking new but remember to highlight the pst/inbox you want highlight the folder and click OK this takes you back to the previous screen and click the Ok button which brings up the last screen


tick the box and click ok
from now on all emails from ARGOS will go straight into the ARGOS folder and it will put a number next to the box if you have a new email