As a office Bearer in the chapter I have had to find various regalia for the chapter this is easier said than done , we do not seem to talk to each other about where to buy and get the best price for quality. Mostly in the past we purchased everything we needed from Victoria regalia, but due to price changes and Finances we decided to try and find better prices but a Quality Product. Last year we sold the last Tie of a batch which we purchased almost 20 years previous the first port of call was the supplier who we had used in the past . The price for polyester ties with a small logo worked out at over £8 per tie, which for the quality I thought was well over priced. After much looking online and speaking to other chapters I got the details for the Supplier we finally settled on

McDade Promotional & Workwear

43 Whitlawburn Terrace Cambuslang
Scotland, UK
G72 8BZ

Tele 0800 066 4808

I found various prices and quality polyester Ties with small Logo for over £8 each but the ones we got were Woven ties with a TAU and logo woven into the design and the chapter name at the bottom of the tie these cost £5.99 +vat per tie for 50 or £4.99+vat each for Orders over 100


This year I had to source a P.Z Apron and Sash having looked online at a number of suppliers I decided to try an Email I received from a Embroidery Company in Pakistan. At first I was a bit cautious but after seeing some photos of his work and only paying a token payment up front I gave him my requirements but due to the language barrier there was a very slight error ( I marked certain areas to be colourer Green by overlaying a "A" on the diagram but he took it I meant put green "A" in this area ) This was easily rectified and the product is Excellent. The prices I found for a P.Z Apron ranged from £92 to £127 and a Sash cost between £22 and £27 depending where you buy it.
I managed to get Both the Apron and Sash for £81 this included the money transfer and shipping

Click image for Larger Picture
As you can see from the above photos the work is very good and to show some of the detail of the stitching here is some more pictures of the Sash
The supplier can produce any Masonic apron with logo and sashes for Lodge, Chapter , Cryptic, Lodge & Council I have asked for a complete price list of items. Anyone wishing me to price something please contact me on my contact page For more Pictures click here